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Franklin Team “Energized” by Strawberry Stroll !


Local members of the “Energize Franklin” team who staffed their booth at last month’s Strawberry Stroll in Franklin were energized by various conversations with residents! In addition to answering questions about ideas for climate friendly actions people can take to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money, the team learned that several Franklin families have recently taken steps such as changing to LED lighting, installing heat pumps or mini-splits, leasing or purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle, and even installing solar panels. The Energize Franklin website ( hosts the free exchange of money-saving and energy-saving information, and the team encourages local residents to leave a testimonial about the actions they have taken.


Anyone can go to the site to browse suggested actions, or you can sign up and track the actions you’ve done and create a to-do list for items you would like to accomplish. Having a free account also allows you to track your carbon reductions and leave a testimonial. For easy access, use the QR code here!