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Franklin Public Schools Recognized as a MA School Wellness Champion District

Franklin Public Schools was recognized for completing the School Wellness Initiative for Thriving Community Health (SWITCH) Massachusetts Wellness Coaching Program.  
On May 21, Franklin Public Schools School Wellness Advisory Council (SWAC) was recognized at the Healthy Kids, Healthy Programs Summit by the Acting Commissioner of the Department of Education and Secondary Education (DESE). The District also received a large banner outlining the recognition that will be displayed on the fencing of the Oak Street Complex.
The SWITCH program is a statewide initiative for supporting and advancing wellness efforts for Massachusetts students, schools and communities. 
Members of the council worked to conduct a Wellness Policy Assessment, updating the policy to meet state and federal requirements, as well as action planning, prioritizing and implementing wellness initiatives and monitoring and evaluating results. 
“I am very proud of our council members on this great accomplishment for our District,” said Superintendent Giguere. “In our schools, we are dedicated to providing students with the top wellness practices, allowing for academic success and overall student performance.”
The SWAC was created in 2013. It was established to recommend, review and help implement school district policies addressing school nutrition, nutrition education, physical activity and related issues that impact student health. The SWAC meets monthly and includes representation from students, parents, FPS staff, School Committee members and administrators from across the district developing programs that actively promote wellness in schools and maximize opportunities for grant awards.
The SWAC was selected to participate in DESE’s two-year coaching model. The first year focused on evaluating and then revising Franklin’s Wellness Policy using the WELLSAT Scorecard. The second year focused on implementing the policy.
 Many community members have participated in SWAC over the years. Currently, the committee is chaired by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Tina Rogers and members include, Director of Food Services Colin Boisvert, Director of Life Long Learning Pattie Gay, YMCA Coordinator Krystina Edens, FHS Nurse Melissa Conroy, Community Member Elise Stokes, School Committee Member KP Sompally, Public Health Nurse Alisha Deptula,  Health and Wellness Director Kristin Letendre Smith, parent Stacey Federico,  Associate Director of Franklin Food Pantry Laura Doherty and three Franklin High School students.
On behalf of SWAC, “The SWAC Committee is fortunate to have built connections with many community partners. These relationships strengthen our initiatives by expanding our reach and providing support from businesses and organizations. We are grateful to these businesses and organizations for their support of education in Franklin.”