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Family-Run Affordable Junk Removal Takes the Stress Out of Cleanups

Takes the Stress Out of Cleanups
By Christie Vogt
Contributing Writer
Whether it’s one old fridge in the garage or an entire home of unwanted goods, the team at Affordable Junk Removal offers a cost-efficient, stress-free approach to waste management. “You don’t lift a finger,” says owner Jason Schadler, who started the company along with his wife Christine in 2005.
The business offers same-day service for both residential and commercial clients across eastern and central Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island. In addition to junk removal, the company rents 15-yard dumpsters. 
As a family-owned and operated company, Schadler says Affordable Junk Removal has lower overhead costs and is more accessible than national competitors. “I answer my phone 24 hours a day,” he says. “I was on vacation in Italy and Portugal, and I was still answering my phone on the beach. When you call us, you get me — not an automated machine!”
Schadler says the company has an environmentally friendly approach to disposal in which it recycles items when possible, properly disposes of non-recyclables and resells many items at the Schadlers’ secondhand store, Resellables. “We opened that store in Bellingham because we hated to see things thrown away,” Schadler says. “We have four kids and sustainability is extremely important to us.”
During the business’s early days, Schadler provided junk removal on nights and weekends when he wasn’t busy working at a machine shop. Eventually, the business grew into a full-time endeavor, and the Schadlers invested back into the company with new equipment and techniques. “When I first started, for example, we didn’t have any tarps. I’m driving around and things are flying out of my truck,” Schadler laughs. “I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I need a tarp.’”
Schadler says his wife Christine “was equally as involved” in getting the business off the ground. “She handled the backend while I did the heavy lifting, all while she was working at EMC,” he says. “Fast forward 17 years, and we both work full time managing the company as well as other endeavors. Business is doing great; it has grown tremendously to a fleet of trucks and dumpsters, and we’ve also been able to buy a pizza place, The Corner Market in Holliston.”
In addition to delivering an in-demand service to the community, Schadler is appreciative that Affordable Junk Removal has helped provide a work-life balance that suits his family. “It allows me to be able to do what I like doing and spend time with my kids,” he says. “I’m home to see my babies play softball and do all that stuff. We are also able to give back to the communities we serve.”
As for Franklin in particular, Schadler says they are proud to have many repeat customers and friends in the area. The Schadlers’ oldest daughter lives in Franklin, and their kids attended softball camp and learned how to skate in town. Prior to starting Affordable Junk Removal, Christine worked for years in Franklin as well.
One of the best parts of his job, Schadler says, is meeting and getting to know new people and developing relationships with returning customers. “We are really grateful for the repeat business and the chance to form connections with residents across the MetroWest area,” he says.
To receive a free junk removal estimate, call (774) 287-1133 or visit