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Just Felicia - Boosting Confidence, Lash by Lash


By: Jennifer Russo
Though there is some debate about who said it first, we have all heard that famous saying that “the eyes are the window to the soul.“ When we make eye contact with others, we instantly have established a connection with that other person. In fact, it is possible to have an entire conversation just with our eyes alone.
Felicia Bleakney, better known as Just Felicia, believes that she was destined to help people look and feel beautiful. Growing up in Massachusetts with a mother that worked as a hair stylist, she knew she also wanted to do something that had the power to create that confidence. 
She started by becoming a nail technician and, when eyelash extensions started becoming a popular trend, was really drawn to the art of it and knew it was a path she wanted to venture down. She soon became certified, built up her clientelle, and has since become a true expert in the techniques of the trade. She has won several awards for her services and has been featured in Gladys Magazine, Lash Magazine and Expert Lashes.
This passion turned into success, and when she opened her own lashing business, it was consistently booked solid within a year. Now, with forty years in the beauty industry and nearly a decade of lashing expertise, she has decided to open a new location in the beautiful Medway Mills.
Felicia believes strongly that when you feel good about how you look, you exude not only confidence, but positivity, and that this has a ripple effect that is so needed in the world today.
There are many reasons why people get eyelash extensions – they give you a brighter, more youthful look that requires less daily maintence. You don’t need to wear mascara or curl them, it saves a ton of time, and when done properly they last for weeks. Felicia takes into consideration each client’s lifestyle, job, skin care routine, and more.
“I am an absolute perfectionist - lash extensions are not a one-size-fits-all kind of service and not everyone wants the same look,“ shares Felicia. 
“I personalize every single lash individually, ensuring it is the proper weight. If someone wants more volume, I can do that. If someone wants a wispy look, I strategically apply different sizes. Most people have 2-5 layers of natural lashes and placing the extensions just right is important. I want it to be perfect, every time.“
Felicia is also a big advocate for continued learning, educating her clients as well as herself in the latest advancements and trends.
“I am always taking classes because the industry is always changing and adding new things. I like to be on top of it, even sometimes taking the same class with different instructors because everyone can offer unique persectives and ideas.It’s such a fun industry and a really great community of people,“ she says.
Those who would like to have lash extensions done first come in for a consultation, and then an appointment is booked. The first extension application can take around 2-3 hours and prices vary.
The Medway Mills location is now open. With a grand opening event, planned later in the month. 
“Clients can expect to walk in to a cool, laid back atmosphere with a glamorous, feminine, victorian vibe. My boyfriend is an artist and is working on a gorgeous wall mural and there will be some fun elements like apple blossoms and a chandelier,“ Felicia shares.
In addition to eyelash extensions, Felicia offers lash lifts and tinting, brow lamination and tinting, and dermaplaning. She is also a trained makeup artist and looking forward to offering makeup services in her new studio.
“I want people to instantly feel welcomed, comfortable, and relaxed when they come in and bursting with confidence on their way out. I love what I do and consider it a gift to be able to help people radiate their inner beauty outward.“
Felicia books appointments in her own studio  and also offers services at Lash L’Amour in Newton. Appointments can be made via her website at or by phone/text to (781) 856-5271.