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Amazing Earth Solar Where Electricity Savings Can Truly Be Amazing!


When Jose Rivera’s electric bill skyrocketed a few years ago, he knew he had to do something about it. He had been thinking about adding solar energy to his home, but he had heard horror stories, along with great stories, about the process. 
Today, Rivera - who lives in Milford with his wife and family - not only has SunPower solar panels and is saving money with them, but he also is an authorized dealer for SunPower. 
“We offer a solution to the gamble of the electric company,” says Rivera. “The grid is a monopoly, you can’t control it, they can increase their prices at any time, and they’ve already told customers they’ll be doing that over the next few years. Amazing Earth Solar offers energy solutions to lower their energy bills.” 
Why SunPower/Amazing Earth Solar? 
Rivera acknowledges there are other solar companies in the market, but SunPower/Amazing Earth Solar is unique in that all solar panels are made in the United States, and the company has one designated phone number for all customer service issues should they arise - customers aren’t transferred or told to call other numbers, which Rivera knows can be frustrating.  
“The difference between other solar companies and us is that we have ‘1 Number, 1 Warranty.’ We have a 25-year warranty and if you have any problems, you call one number for assistance,” says Rivera. “We offer one point of contact and the peace of mind that comes with that.” 
Also, Rivera says, SunPower has been in business for almost 40 years and is the only solar energy company that has been in business beyond the industry’s standard 25-year warranty. “We’re the only company that has outlived the 25-year warranty, we have a proven track record of success.” 
Amazing Earth Solar is based in Peabody and services all New England states. 
What’s the process? 
Rivera said his job is two-fold: To sell solar panels, sure; and also to provide education to people just starting to think about solar and beginning to learn about their options. 
Customers interested in learning about solar panels can contact Amazing Earth Solar for a no-obligation consultation. The in-person meeting takes about 30 minutes, Rivera reviews the house position, discusses options, and will create a diagram of what the panels would look like on your roof. 
“Let me teach you how it works, and you decide for yourself if it makes sense for you,” says Rivera. 
Once you sign a contract, it typically takes 8-12 weeks to get the panels installed and be up and running, says Rivera. And now, with hot and sunny weather right around the corner, is a great time to get solar. “If they call now, the panels could be installed in the summer and start contributing to the grid; the best months to generate sun power are June to October.” 
What happens after installation? 
After installation, you remain connected to the grid, but you only receive a bill if your solar power does not cover the electricity you consume, says Rivera. If customers generate more power than they use (like in the summer months), it rolls forward and becomes a credit in their account which they can use during the cloudier (like winter) months. 
Finally, customers should rest assured that, if they ever have any trouble with the system, or the roof on which the panels sit, they can call SunPower’s “1 number” for assistance. 
“We need electricity, it’s true, but we don’t need the high prices,” says Rivera. “Let Amazing Earth Solar help you get what you need so you can use the money you save for something you want.” 
For more information, contact Jose Rivera at (978) 761-9844 or email at [email protected]