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Franklin Celebrates Life with the Vibrant Colors of HOLI

By Jennifer Russo

HOLI is a joyous Indian holiday recognized annually, which is observed with bonfires, music, dancing, and by throwing bright colors of chalk powder, signifying the triumph of good over evil. It also symbolizes transition from the lazy lack of energy that winter can bring into a more vibrant way of living with the seasonal change. It is a celebration of life and vitality - a festival of color that seeks to reassure the values of living a life marked by honesty and integrity.


Though this is a holiday with roots in Indian culture, everyone is always welcomed to participate in the fun. In April, the Cultural Council of Franklin and the Franklin Library collaborated to organize a HOLI celebration. A few raindrops threatened, but ultimately the sun prevailed for the event. The field behind the library came alive with music, smiles and color as people came to celebrate life in this unique and beautiful way, with bright clouds of color in the air, smeared on faces, clothing and hair. Participants became quick friends as they joined in dances to modern Indian music (spun by two teens who volunteered to deejay the celebration) and laughed hysterically as they covered each other in chalk.


Caleigh Keating, Franklin Library‚Äôs Youth Services Librarian, shared that she was so excited to plan the event with Pushpa Latha Jangareddi of the Cultural Council. After hosting several successful Diwali events over the last few years, they really wanted to come together again to recognize HOLI. She was thrilled to be able to bring such a beautiful tradition to Franklin for all to enjoy. 

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