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Franklin High School Students Showcase Artistic Talent

Bryanna Harwood - Graphite

by Lyn MacLean
Never underestimate the talents of our local youth.  The Franklin Art Association collaborated with the Franklin High School Art Department to provide a first-time all-encompassed art exhibit. This event would provide a personal experience for students to publicly display their work. 
February 17 through March 16 the exhibit was on display at the Escape to Fiction bookstore on Main St. in Franklin.  A community-packed room evening reception was held on February 29 to highlight mostly Senior and highly advanced art students’ work.  
The exhibit represented various art mediums such as Graphic & Architectural Computer Design, Ceramics, Chalk Pastel, Pen & Ink, Digital Photography, Symbolic Portraits, Mixed Media, Linocut prints, and Paintings. 
When Franklin Art Association President Sue Sheridan was asked what strikes her most about the art on display, she replied, “I am impressed with how talented these students are and how diverse the work is. They all work in different mediums and are so expressive and personal.  During the teen years, of course, there are lots of feelings and emotions involved, and they use art to express those emotions. The results are wonderful.” 
AP Studio art student Bryanna Harwood shared how proud she was of her displayed self-portrait using graphic powders. She declared, “It is very exciting!” Bryanna appreciates the art education received and said, “It has taught me a lot of techniques that try to push beyond my preferred methods.” She has gained many friendships within the art community and wants to major in Special Education so she may consider Art Therapy to incorporate her love of art. 
Rayna Popovic, also an AP Studio art student, displayed a 3-piece painting “The Platform.” The inspiration emerged from the Red Line subway as explained from her viewpoint. “I wanted to explore physical texture more, so I used this painting medium called modeling paste mixed in the acrylic paint to give it a raised texture. Subways are super cool as they are heavily traveled and also worn, so I wanted to depict that within the paint,” she explained. 
When asked if she had a favorite piece on display, it was clear she appreciated all the work. As an artist, she swiftly listed out characteristics such as color, geometric patterns, strong storytelling, and applauded the perspective drawings. Rayna plans to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Fine Art with a painting major, then hopes to continue with a Masters in Art. 
Mia Dewsnap displayed a piece from an AP 3D class. When asked about what she enjoys most about this class she shared, “I like how everyone is doing their own project. With AP-3D, I love it because you get to express your creative thinking.”
I asked Mia to share more with me on her ceramic piece. “My piece is named ‘Transcendence.’ My focus is on balance and the natural world, and within humanity. I wanted to create something that was somewhat like meditation and how you can connect your mind to the earth as well as the spiritual mind.”

Mia Dewsnap “Transcendence”


President of the Art Association Sue Sheridan also shared that the Franklin Art Association is enthusiastic about the thought of continuing this event in the future. They embrace collaboration with the students as the group’s mission is to encourage art production and appreciation of art. Each year, the association offers a $1,000 scholarship granted to a high school graduating student planning to major or minor in art or design.
There is no doubt that whether art is a personal passion or to evolve into a life-long career, these students have extraordinary talent that can remain an outlet to be shared and used to make this world a more beautiful, expressive place.  

Franklin High School will host another upcoming art event, Create Art Around the World, on April 24th, 5:30-7:30 pm. This event is sponsored by a grant from the Franklin Cultural Council and organized by the FHS National Art Honor Society.  There will be several rooms representing different countries’ music along with craft-making related to that country.  Participants obtain a passport that can be stamped after visiting each room.  This event is FREE, open to the public, and designed for grade school children.