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Dr. Anne K. Bergin Honored in MA Women’s Commission, Commonwealth Heroine Class of 2023

Dr. Anne Bergin and Rep. Jeff Roy are shown here. Roy nominated Bergin as a Commonwealth Heroine for 2023. Photo by Bruce DiLoreto

Massachusetts State Representative Jeffrey N. Roy nominated Dr. Anne K. Bergin for the 20th Annual MA Women’s Commission “Commonwealth Heroine Class of 2023”. Dr. Bergin was honored alongside 124 other distinguished women from around the Commonwealth at the State House in the Great Hall of Flags on June 23rd, 2023. 

“Throughout her service, Dr. Bergin has put the community of Franklin first, dedicating her life to education and the empowerment of our youth,” said Rep. Jeffrey N. Roy (D-Franklin) before the event started.  “Dr. Bergin began her teaching career 45 years ago at Davis Thayer Elementary School, eventually stepping into leadership roles such as Principal at the elementary and middle school levels over a span of 29 years.” 

Throughout her retirement, Dr. Bergin has remained heavily involved in the Franklin & Franklin Public Schools community. She served as the acting Franklin High School English Department Head, as well as creating and hosting two cable access television programs: educating the community on innovative changes to the Franklin Public Schools, and helping to guide young people throughout life in “It Takes a Village…”. 

“The Commonwealth Heroines are women who don’t make the news, but make all the difference in their communities,” said MCSW Chairwoman Dr. Sarah Glenn-Smith. “Thousands of women in every community across the Commonwealth perform unheralded acts on a daily basis that make our homes, neighborhoods, cities, and towns better places to live. Commonwealth Heroines use their time, talent, spirit, and enthusiasm to enrich the lives of others in their community.”

Each year the Commission partners with state legislators to identify women who make outstanding contributions to their organizations and in their communities. Each legislator is encouraged to submit one woman from their constituency as a means of recognizing their invaluable efforts and extraordinary acts of service, who are making a big difference in their communities but not necessarily making the news.

Rep. Roy was honored to have nominated Dr. Anne K. Bergin for the Commonwealth Heroine Class of 2023. Her lifetime of experience teaching & creating a healthier educational environment for students in Franklin and continuously enriching the lives of others, cement her status as a pillar in the community and a perfect representation of a Commonwealth Heroine.