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Save Money and the Earth with Energize Franklin

 Are you concerned about the changes to the weather? Are you suffering as the summers get hotter? Do you want to help the climate crisis, but you aren’t sure where to start? Well there’s a new website for our Franklin community that can help you get started. Energize Franklin has ideas for climate friendly actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint, such as changing to LED lightbulbs, planting your own garden, leasing or purchasing an electric vehicle, and even installing solar panels. Actions can be big or small but every action helps and most will save you money! People can even leave a testimonial about actions they have taken.

The website was launched earlier this year by a local crew of volunteers. We wanted to have an online space where friends and neighbors here in Franklin can find inspiration and see what others in their community are doing. It can be tough to get started and we wanted to have an easy way for people to do that. Anyone can go to the site to browse the suggested actions, or you can sign up and track the actions you’ve done and create a to-do list for items you would like to accomplish. Having a free account also allows you to track your carbon reductions and leave a testimonial. You can find us online at Stop by our table at the Harvest Festival Saturday, September 30th.