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Lit Electric

After opening in October of 2022, LIT Electric has been in business for under a year; however, business grew significantly fast, offering a variety of different services. Over the 6 and a half month period that Lit Electric has been open, they have obtained contracts with property management companies, general contractors, and a great general client base in residential homes due to the hard work of owners Matt Przymierski and Alexi Martinez. Matt and Alexi are future spouses in addition to partners in an LLC by the name of “Pinky and the Brain’’ under which they operate LIT Electric.


“We look to keep growing and to continue to bring ‘Quality work for a great price’ not only to our residential customers but to any new builder or contractor we do work with in the future, whether it be residential or commercial,” says Matt of LIT Electric. The business offers all different types of services, from changing single outlets or lights for customers, to wiring an entire home in a new development for one of their builders or contractors. In addition to these services, one particular type of service for which LIT Electric finds people need is the installation of EV car chargers. Of this, Matt shares, “A Lot of people are making the transition from gas to electric, and are looking to install chargers in their garages or on the outside of their homes to more conveniently charge their vehicles. We enjoy being a part of this change and we do 3-5 of these on average per week.” 
When asked why LIT Electric stands apart from competitors, Matt shared that he has encountered many great electrical contractors and companies over the course of his career, but he believes his love for his work is key to the success of LIT Electric. “All I can say is that I truly love what I do and I truly love upgrading peoples homes or businesses and watching it all come together at the end of the project. A Lot of people no matter how good of workers they are sometimes still don’t ENJOY their careers which i think loving what you do makes all the difference in the world. If I can continue to bring people in the area quality work and continue to grow and keep the quality at the same time then that will be my goal, never to lose sight of the customers! I think that is what makes me different, and also I look for these same characteristics in my employees. I want them to be as passionate about their jobs as I am!”
Whether it be troubleshooting a problem, wiring your entire new home addition, or simply adding some new recessed lighting in your kitchen, LIT Electric will always give you great quality work for the very best price possible, it’s what they strive for. With a dedicated partnership running the business and a team of strong, passionate individuals, Matt and Alexi are excited to continue offering their services to Franklin and surrounding towns. 

We offer free quotes/estimates. We are based in Franklin, MA and we service all of Eastern MA and RI.
(508) 400-3864