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The b.LUXE beauty beat PAWSitively Amazing!

By Gina Woelfel
Everyone knows that our beloved four-legged friends bring us so much joy and love, but did you ever stop to think about how they make us look and feel? Our canine companions are always loyal, warm, and wildly goofy – all qualities that help them shine as the incredible furry friends we know and love. But it’s more than just their lovable personalities that keep drawing us back in; there is a real science behind why man’s best friend can quickly become our favorite confidant. Let’s take a closer look at why exactly our dogs make us look good, feel great, and smile even wider!


Our pets give so much more than just their company. Owning a pet may decrease stress, improve our heart health, and even boost our mood. Pets keep us moving and specifically, dogs, increase our activity levels with daily walks, play and cleaning up all those doggy toys! Exercise on its own is great, but exercise with a pet adds an added layer of fulfillment and social support. 
At b.LUXE, we’ve always maintained that beauty starts from within. Sure, a fresh cut and color can make you feel great, but a happy heart radiates true beauty and for the b.LUXE ladies, nothing makes us feel more beautiful and joyful than our pups (and cats, horses, guinea pigs and chickens!) 
If you haven’t guessed already, we’re animal people, so our PAWSitively Amazing fundraiser this month to benefit PAWS New England is an important one for us! Read on for details…
PAWSITIVELY AMAZING FUNDRAISER: For the entire month of March, b.LUXE Hair and Makeup Studio is donating 10% of our retail sales to PAWS New England! For every hair, skincare, makeup and tanning product sold, 10% goes directly to our friends at PAWS!
Leading the way in all this pooch affection is b.LUXE owner, Heather Cohen, who’s been a canine advocate and dog fosterer with Paws New England for the past 20 years. She’s always said, “Dogs are my favorite people” and judging from her house full of them, we believe her! 
Heather first started her rescue journey with Joanne Hutchinson, one of the three original founders of PAWS New England. I recently interviewed Joanne and she shared with me how PAWS began and where they are today. 
“Paws New England started with a small group of women who saw the need for adoptable dogs in the New England area and an abundance of dogs in our southern shelters who were being euthanized for space only, a practice that’s, surprisingly, still in use today. Rescue was in its infancy 20 years ago, so we followed the lead of some of our predecessors and began rescuing dogs from the Memphis,TN area. We rescue abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs from high-kill shelters and desperate situations and provide them with vet care, behavioral training, boarding, food, medications, and anything our dogs and foster families need to succeed! We then bring them to New England where we place them in safe, loving homes. 
Joanne shared with me a picture of “Jackson” (featured above), a Golden Retriever mix who came to PAWS with a severely injured leg in need of amputation. Through PAWS, Jackson received the care he needed and was placed in his forever home this past year. These are the kinds of stories that melt our hearts. Nothing compares to the feeling of coming home to our loyal, tail-wagging friends and their unconditional love.  Heather Cohen and I have both adopted our pups from PAWS and there’s no denying how much joy they bring to our lives.  
Joanne further explained just how far PAWS has come: “Fast forward to 2023 and we’re now sending approximately 10-15 dogs per week to adopters or foster homes, which are a critical part of our organization. We’re a volunteer operation and well known for accepting dogs who’ve been injured and abused into our program and, as such, donations are the only way we can continue to assist those dogs who need us the most. 98% of every dollar donated goes directly to our dogs. We even share our tax documents right on our website.”
b.LUXE wants every dog to have an amazing home where they feel safe, loved and adored. 
We know you feel the same way about your beloved pooches and hope you’ll stop in this month and grab a few beauty products to help support PAWS New England! 

Scan the above QR code for more information on how you can lend a hand to this wonderful organization. 

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