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The Clear Choice is Dooley for State Senate

“Shawn is one of the hardest working public servants I know. He is fiercely independent and his passion for helping people makes him the perfect choice for the State Senate. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts needs strong independent voices like Shawn Dooley. For the 8 years we have worked together – Shawn has been a tireless advocate for the people of his district and no one has worked harder to make our state a better place to live and raise a family. Please vote for Shawn Dooley for State Senate.” Gov. Charlie Baker

With inflation soaring and crime on the rise, there is one clear choice for State Senate.  That person is Shawn Dooley.
To keep our economy rolling and avoid the national recession, it is essential to support small businesses that create the majority of new jobs in Massachusetts.  As a State Representative, Shawn Dooley is the only candidate with a proven track record of working with local businesses.  He has supported initiatives and filed legislation to help small businesses thrive.  Not only does Shawn have a perfect record in supporting small business, but he is also endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business which is our nation’s leading small business advocatec.  
Shawn Dooley is the candidate we can count on to help our local mom-and-pop stores that are the backbone of our economy.
On the home front, many families and seniors are worried about the rising price of gas, heating oil and groceries especially with the latest report showing inflation increased to a whopping rate of 8.2 percent.  Once again, Shawn Dooley is the only candidate for State Senate with a proven record of working to make Massachusetts affordable.  
Just this year, he supported suspending the gas tax, because Shawn knows that by lowering the price of gas that helps drivers while also decreasing the costs for transporting products such as groceries and clothing.  With the Commonwealth having a record surplus of $3 billion in tax revenue and $8 billion in the rainy day account, Shawn supports the 62F law to return the excess to the taxpayers. 
Moreover, there is only one person in this race that opposes new taxes on gas and home heating oil.  That’s Shawn Dooley and it is one of the many reasons why he has earned a perfect 100 percent score in protecting taxpayers’ wallets from Citizens for Limited Taxation.  
As our next State Senator, we can count on Shawn Dooley to lower taxes whether it is the gas tax or the sales tax while working to reduce rising utility costs.  He has the proven track record we can trust.  That’s why he has earned the endorsements of Governor Charlie Baker, Governor Bill Weld and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito along with a slew of local officials and police associations.
Most importantly, Shawn Dooley is one of a very few independent voices.  He always puts people ahead of politics and is never obligated to special interest groups.  When he votes on an issue, he votes for the people not the party.  
Whether it is supporting our police, lowering taxes, helping the economy or putting people ahead of politics, Shawn Dooley is the only candidate we can trust.  His agenda is our agenda – not the special interest groups’.  Shawn Dooley is the clear choice to be our next State Senator.  
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