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Local Band Gets Break Opening for National Band this Month

By J.D. O’Gara

Franklin native and musician Matt Zajac, with his band The Garden of Hedon, will be opening for a nationally known band this month. On September 8th, the local entertainers will head to the Prost Bier and Music Hall in Jewett City, CT to open for E’Nuff Z’nuff.

“I play around locally a lot, doing solo gigs, and the band has been playing more, building a name,” says Zajac. “The way this started was that I had put out a record at the end of 2020, kind of a weird time to be putting out a record, that was a solo record, and some of the guys who are in the band played on that record. Garden of Hedon was the title, so it kind of made sense. We named the band after the record.”

Members of the band include Matt Zajac lead singer, guitar and drums, Steve Serra, guitar and mandolin, William Donovan, bass, and Johnny Keys on keyboard.

Zajac describes the band’s sound as “rock and roll, basically, but retro-sounding kind of a throwback sound. What we’re doing is sort of almost a sub-culture type of thing in today’s musical landscape. There’s so much music now based in genres, hip hop music is very popular, rap is very popular, music that we listened to growing up is almost on the periphery.”

Members of Garden of Hedon are looking forward to the show on the 8th. 

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” says Zajac, who has been working with a new promoter who alerted him of the opportunity. “We’ve chartered a bus and will bring a crew with us to make it a little easier for us to get out there and back. We’re glad for the opportunity to play in front of a larger audience. 

Garden of Hedon is in the process of recording a new record, called Forbidden Fruit, and is also shooting a video for one of its songs. In fact, Marc Ford, of The Black Crowes, will make a guest appearance on the album.

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If you would like to attend the show, visit

Local fans can also join the bus ride to the show. Information can be found at: