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Phoenix Behavioral Health

Phoenix Behavioral Health, located in Norfolk, provides treatment approaches based on both traditional and holistic interventions. We specialize in working with trauma, addictions, anxiety, and depression.  In addition, our certified coaches are here to provide support, motivation and goal setting in multiple areas.

This article provides a brief overview of stress, goal setting, and support for understanding loved ones and family members with addictions.

Stress refers to both the psychological perception of pressure/threat and the body’s response to it.  When we perceive real or imagined danger our fight or flight response is activated, triggering a release of cortisol and adrenaline into the body, resulting in increased heart rate and respiration. There are some ways to deal with chronic stress - relaxation techniques, modifying negative thinking patterns, and learning emotional regulation skills can decrease stress responses and promote an increased sense of wellbeing.

 Setting goals that will help us to create healthy coping skills to better manage the stressors that occur in life can be challenging.  This is largely because we tend to repeat habitual responses to people, places, and situations.  This is where goal setting skills are invaluable in assisting us in changing negative behaviors to healthier more productive ones. Goal setting is a purposeful and explicit process that starts with identifying a new objective, skill, or new response/behavior. Then, you make a plan for achieving it, and you work to complete it. 

Addiction affects not only the individual but also family, friends and the community. Understanding the causes of addiction, how addiction and mental health impact each other and knowing the resources that are available can be difficult to access.  It is important that treatment is provided by a professional who has a high level of training in both mental health and substance misuse. 

Phoenix Behavioral Health will provide three courses this September that address the above issues: Stress Management: (Learn about the impact of emotions on physical health, and how to reprogram persistent negative thinking and automatic reactions); Goal setting: (learn about the process of creating new healthy and productive change in your life. Understand the role of mindfulness and visualization in habit change and apply SMART goal setting skills to set yourself up for success) Assisting a loved one struggling with Addiction: (Understand and assist a loved one who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction  Information regarding treatment and a better understanding of the early recovery process is provided). 

You can register for any or all of these courses through the Norfolk Recreation Department. 

For further information please contact Phoenix Behavioral Health at (508) 623-3931 or email us at [email protected]