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14 Franklin Veterans Receive Quilts of Valor

Members of Franklin’s American Legion Post, the Edward L. Grant Post 75, attended the Quilts of Valor ceremony at The Enclave on July 9th. Legion members shown with Roy include, from right, John Hefele, Richard Hynes, Bruce Watkins and Robert Markunis. Photos used courtesy of the Franklin Veterans Services Office.

On Saturday, July 9, 14 Quilts of Valor were awarded to veterans living at The Enclave of Franklin Assisted Living Facility on King Street. Thirteen recipients are male veterans and one female.
Quilts were presented by Theresa Perreault, the Massachusetts State Coordinator for the Quilts of Valor Foundation. She was accompanied by quilters Elaine Falke and Martha Burbridge. Each quilt is uniquely crafted by quilters who donate their time and materials. A label with the veteran’s name and service information is sewn onto every quilt, so future generations will know what the veteran did for their country.
Perrault explained that the mission of Quilts of Valor is to “cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.” The organization has given 315,804 quilts to veterans since it was established in 2003, starting with just a few handmade quilts.
Chaplain Robert Markunis of the Franklin American Legion Post 75 helped to organize the event and was assisted at the ceremony by American Legion members John Hefele, Richard Hynes and Bruce Watkins. 
MA Representative Jeffrey Roy congratulated those receiving quilts and Debra Martin from the Franklin Veterans’ Services Office thanked the veterans, as well as their families, for their service and sacrifices. 
Mel Lynch, Activities Assistant at The Enclave, thanked the Quilt of Valor Foundation for the beautiful quilts awardedto the veterans residing at their facility.