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18 Years Later & All Grown Up Baby Delivered with Help of Franklin Firefighters Heads to College

Holly with Craig and Darrell

By Angie Fitton
18-year-old Craig Scharland has always been a force to be reckoned with. From the day he was born, he has shown the world that he enthusiastically does things on his own schedule.
On July 23, 2003, Holly Scharland was hosting a playdate for the Holy Cross girls with 16 kids and a number of pregnant women, herself included. Shortly before noon her water broke and the Holy Cross girls jumped into action, making all sorts of phone calls. They, of course, called Craig’s father Michael, and 9-1-1. Firefighters and former EMS workers Chuck Allen and Darrell Griffin responded to the call.
Originally, Holly was supposed to deliver at Framingham Union Hospital, but Craig had other plans. He decided he wanted to come into the world then and there, so the rescue pulled into an RV park a mile or two from the hospital, and within moments, he made his appearance. It was the first time delivering a baby for both Allen and Griffin, but with their intensive training ingrained in them, they remained calm and cool and Holly says it was an easy delivery.

                       Chuck Allen, Holly Scharland, Craig Scharland and Darrell Griffin 

For the first few years after his birth, Craig and Holly would go back to the fire station and bring cookies and brownies on his birthday. Both firefighters agreed it was nice seeing them, and watching him grow into a happy, fun loving child.
Craig is the youngest of three and is the best of friends with his brother Cole. As the “baby” of the family, he learned quickly to “hold his own” according to his mom. Even during the pandemic he was playing four Varsity sports and never complained. “He’s always been very active,” Holly states.
In the fall, Craig is headed off to UNC Wilmington. His major will be Business and Cyber Security, something that is in great need in North Carolina. “It’s good to see him off to bigger and better things,” states Griffin. He also works as a Door Dasher when he’s not studying or playing sports.
“It’s just a feel good story,” Griffin says.
“Most calls don’t have a great outcome, so it’s a nice change when you get a call like this and
everything works out,” agrees Allen.
Craig states he thinks the story of his birth is interesting. “It’s a unique icebreaker, and a fun fact
when meeting new people.” He’s also excited for what the future has to bring!