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Norfolk County Correctional Officers Hold Autism Patch Fundraiser

Through the end of April, Autism Acceptance Month, the County Correctional Officers Association of the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office is selling special shoulder patches to raise money for the nonprofit agency, Lifeworks, a human services provider that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The patches, which feature a multi-color jigsaw puzzle background and star, are available for $10, with all proceeds supporting the Autism Support Center at Lifeworks. The puzzle piece has been a recognized symbol for autism awareness, understanding and acceptance for several decades. The patches can be purchased in the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office lobby, Monday through Friday, while supplies last. To date, over 100 patches have been sold.

“We are humbled to have the support of the County Correctional Officers Association of the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office during Autism Acceptance Month,” said Lifeworks CEO Daniel Burke.  “Their generous and engaging fundraiser is a great way to support the autism community and the variety of programs we offer.”

Celebrated each April, Autism Acceptance Month is an opportunity to raise awareness of autism, and a reminder to include people with autism in all facets of community life.  The Autism Support Center at Lifeworks helps more than 1,000 families navigate available autism-related services, provides workshops and training for caregivers and self-advocates, and offers enriching social and recreational activities.

To purchase a patch, visit the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office lobby, 200 West Street, Dedham, Monday through Friday during the 3:00 - 11:00 p.m. shift.  Supplies are limited.