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Just Felicia Eyelash Extensions Bring out your inner beauty and let your confidence soar with eyelash extensions

“Your eyes are the first thing people notice about you.” Felicia Bleakney of Just Felicia Eyelash Extensions is passionate about eyelashes, and this is why. “You want that first glance to show them you’re confident, interesting, and ready for the world.”
Just Felicia is about more than cosmetics. It’s about evoking the beauty inside a person and showing the world the truest expression of their own self.


Felicia explains, “It’s the little things that make a person bold. Knowing your eyes are bright and stand out—that makes you confident. The more confidence shines through, the more positivity you spread. And the world needs positivity right now. When you walk out there with that confidence, you know the world needs you.”
Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic procedure where a licensed and certified beautician attaches artificial lashes to the client’s pre-existing set of eyelashes. The result will be fuller, thicker lashes that highlight the eye’s natural beauty while enhancing the shape of the face.
“First the client comes for a consultation.” Felicia can generally get her first-time clients an appointment within a few days. “Everyone has different ideas about eyelashes, so I tailor each set to that individual person. I take into account their eyes, their skin, their eyebrows, and their hair color. We talk about their job, their workouts, and their skincare routine. Once I know what they need, then each lash is customized to give the exact result they want.”
Felicia hand-selects each lash to create the perfect contour. ”I’m a perfectionist,” she says with a laugh. “With all those lashes in front of me, I have to be. I apply anywhere from three to fifteen lashes per eyelash to create a fuller, thicker look.” 
In some sessions, she’s applied a thousand lashes to a single client. The procedure can be done on the same day as the consultation, or later if the client wants time to think it over. The first application generally takes two to three hours. 
Eyelash extensions aren’t only about making them fuller. “Some clients just want them longer, and I love to accommodate.” She also takes into account the health and strength of the original lash. “If someone has thin, fragile lashes, we do a fine set to protect the integrity of their natural lashes.”
Felicia has been in the beauty industry for forty years, and her clients’ transformations never fail to astound her. “Knowing you look your best brings out your confidence and your inner beauty.”
Felicia has won awards for her lashing and been in Lash Magazine, Expert Lashes, and Gladys Magazine. She won best of Brookfield, Wisconsin for lashes for two years in a row.
Felicia says, “I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I did move to Wisconsin for six years and opened my own business there, but last year I returned. I missed my roots.” 
In addition to lash extensions, Felicia also does lash lifts (like a perm for eyelashes) and lash tinting. She does brow lamination (a type of reverse-perm to make brows look fuller) and tweezing.
Felicia splits her time between two locations, one in Milford and the other in Newton. “I don’t pass my clients along to an assistant. Clients know they’re going to consult with me, the lashes will be selected by me, and then applied by me. From beginning to end, they can trust they’re in good hands.”

In the end, Felicia adores the first moment her clients see themselves in a mirror. “All of a sudden, they’re looking at the best version of themselves. My passion is making people smile, and then they carry that passion out into the world and make other people smile, too.”
For brighter eyes and a brighter future, check out Just Felicia Eyelash Extensions online at or call (781) 856-5271.