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The b.LUXE beauty beat Happy Valentines Day to Me!

By Gina Woelfel
It’s Valentine’s month…Cue the roses, the heart shaped candies and those creepy, last minute, gas station teddy bears. 
Whether you’re single, taken, married or dating, we all have a Valentine’s Day tale to tell. Some are romantic and some are too catastrophic to talk about. I remember one particularly cute Valentine’s Day early in my marriage. Our young son was just starting to walk and my husband was working two jobs to get his degree at night. We celebrated late in the evening when he got home with a decadent meal of mac and cheese and a bottle of white zin. This will be our 30th Valentine’s Day together. Some have been amazing and a few have fallen flat. 
I think it’s difficult for two people, on one specific day of the year, to feel so romantically in sync they create a rom-com worthy event. Am I right? Life and circumstance often stand in the way, and quite frankly, the pressure for this day to be perfect is a bummer. A great example is the Valentine’s Day dinner. You’ve made reservations, but you still wait for your table. It’s clown-car packed, your dinner arrives cold and dessert is a “molten lava” hockey puck. Your romantic evening’s been lost to the utopian idea of how the evening was supposed to unfold. 
Let’s also not forget that many people love their uncoupled existence and aren’t racing to change their Facebook status to “in a relationship”. Shouldn’t we have the option to choose “In a relationship with myself”?  Shouldn’t that be the most important relationship in our lives? 
I think the Valentine’s Day message for 2022 should be “Love Yourself”.  I know, totally corny (but soo true)! 


Here’s something to ponder… If you don’t love and respect yourself first, how can you give love to others? How can you receive affection and take in all the wonderful things it has to offer if you don’t believe you deserve it in the first place?
Let’s flip the narrative on this Hallmark Holiday and fall head over heels in love with ourselves!  Make a list of your favorite things and GO!  Mani/pedi - Check.  Movie and takeaway - Check.  Luxurious spa facial and lash extensions - Check, check!  Go on, kick up your heels with your besties and laugh till it hurts! Soak up the love from all who make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! Valentine’s Day shouldn’t only exalt romantic love. All love is powerful and poignant and deserves a creepy gas station teddy bear, too. Remind yourself how fab you really are and that your special someone is facing you in the mirror! 
Treat yourself this month! You’re worth it! 


*We’ve decided to extend the Golden Ticket Giveaway through February! January was a challenging month and many of you had to reschedule. You can fill out a ticket at the salon and enter for your chance to win! Winner announced on March 1st. Good luck!