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The b.LUXE beauty beat New Year • New You 2022 Giveaway!

Jan 04, 2022 09:07AM ● By Chuck Tashjian
By Gina Woelfel
Different cultures from around the world welcome the change of the calendar with unique traditions all their own. 
In Spain, it’s customary to eat 12 grapes at midnight, one for each stroke of the clock. Each grape represents a wish of good luck for the coming months of the year. 
In Denmark, plates and glasses are thrown at the front doors of close family and friends to banish bad spirits away. 


In Scotland, the first person to cross the threshold of a home in the New Year should carry a gift for good luck. 


And in Ireland, there’s a beautiful tradition of opening the back door to the house just before midnight to “let the Old Year out” and opening the front door to “let the New Year in”.
As many of you know, b.LUXE owner Heather Cohen is a true New Year’s baby and was the first child born in Boston on January 1st, 1976! 


“I love to travel somewhere warm and tranquil for my birthday. I don’t go out or do much while I’m there, it’s really my time to reflect, reset and look ahead. I love to read on the beach and watch the crystal blue waves crash over the sand. If I’m carrying any tension or stress from the previous year, I let it all go. I give everything I have to my business and love working with my team, but every once in a while, I need to take some personal time to regroup and set new goals. This time away let’s me reboot and return filled with inspiration and a renewed sense of excitement for the coming year.” - Heather Cohen
2021 was a remarkable year for b.LUXE. We achieved so many of our personal goals  and worked collaboratively to push the studio to the top of the beauty industry! It’s time to celebrate and start our own New Year’s tradition with you! 
In lieu of throwing plates at your front door, we’ve come up with a wonderful way to ring in the New Year and usher in a fantastic 2022! 
How does a HUGE giveaway valued at $1000 sound?  Pretty amazing, right?
Let’s celebrate Heather’s birthday together!
2022 Giveaway 
We’re so excited to share this AMAZING giveaway with all of you! 
Here’s to the year ahead - our brightest one yet and may we always be grateful for the past, find joy in the present, and remain excited for the future.
Let’s “kick open the door” to 2022 together!