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Botera Will Help You Find Your Plant Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Opens Doors this Month

Recreational cannabis has found its way to Franklin!
Botera, (a combination of “botanist” and “era”), opens this month, offering a wide variety of products. From flower and edibles to tinctures and concentrates, customers can achieve a curated experience, from relaxation to boosted focus and creativity. Not sure which strain, potency or method of consumption is right for you? Not to worry! At Botera, you’re among friends. 
“It’s a fun industry – fun for us, fun for our guests,” says Matt O’Brien, General Manager of the Franklin location and Regional Retail Director. “We’re excited to be the first recreational facility to open its doors in Franklin, and we offer an educational cannabis experience for the everyday consumer, without an extremely high price tag.”
Botera’s friendly corporate culture embodies employee enthusiasm for cannabis products and the industry. Their mission – helping the 21+ cannabis consumer, both new and experienced, find their plant. With a warm, engaging atmosphere, the location brings with it a west-coast-influenced style, offering high quality cannabis products in a modern, comfortable environment, complete with your own personal budtender. 
“When a customer comes in, they are paired up with a personal budtender, who will walk around the dispensary with them to show and educate the customer about the products and answer any questions they may have,” says Lauren Pedretti, Botera Project Manager. “Our aim is figuring out what works for you. We don’t want people feeling like they’re waiting in a doctor’s office.” 
Customers don’t feel the pressure of having someone in line behind them and can take their time to choose products that are right for them. Bud tables offer a hands-on experience, where patrons can touch, see, and smell a variety of products. The tables feature interactive menus, with budtenders building guest orders on their iPads. The smooth experience is completed at the cashier, who double checks the order, bags it up and send them off with positive vibes. 
“It really is a very fluid, fun and easy guest experience,” says O’Brien. “We learn from our customers as much as they learn from us.” In fact, customers who have a good sense of what they enjoy also can order online, then simply pay and pick up the bagged selections.  
Franklin’s shop will be Botera’s flagship store, three times bigger than its first location in Brockton, but with the same warm character. Happy to shed the past stigma of cannabis, Botera works hard to enable a positive cannabis experience.
“In the bigger picture, I think we’re all part of a movement.” says JP Patel, Botera Operations Manager. People of all ages are more accepting of the industry, talking about it openly, and educating them in a relaxed environment is an important piece. “Legal cannabis, right now, is a privilege,” says Patel. “You have just got to do it in the right way. There are rules that apply, and we’re passing on information as much as we can to the consumer.”

Botera, located at 1256 West Central Street in Franklin, is open every day, Sunday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. Online ordering and curbside pickup are available. For more information, find them online at or follow BoteraNE on social media.