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Flowers to Adorn Downtown Franklin Again

May 21 Event to Beautify Town
On May 21, members of the Franklin Downtown Partnership, Franklin Garden Club and other volunteers will meet to beautify Franklin by planting colorful mini- liquorice, purple and white wave petunias and pink gaura flowers in barrels and boxes throughout the downtown area. 
Volunteers will meet at 2 p.m. on Fri., May 21 at Fairmount Fruit Farm to pick up the plants and transport them downtown. Then volunteers will plant the barrels in front of various businesses, and finally, the boxes and barrels at the bridge in downtown Franklin. If you can help with the spring planting, please email Eileen at [email protected]
“I’m looking forward to building on what we started last year by having designated parties responsible for certain locations. It worked fantastically and kept everyone safe,” said Eileen Mason who leads the beautification efforts. “Let’s celebrate new beginnings in 2021 by staying safe and adding a dash of color and fresh new plantings in downtown Franklin!”
The FDP is a non-profit 501©3 organization made up of more than 350 residents, business owners and community leaders working to revitalize downtown Franklin. The Partnership manages events like the Strawberry Stroll and the Harvest Festival, and initiatives such as beautification, streetscape design, greenspace, alley murals, and sculpture projects. For more information go to