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Montrose School’s Stress Tests of Character e-Resource Showcased by International Ethics Institute

Amidst a global pandemic, a national reckoning with racism, an election and more, 2020 has presented us with several significant stress tests of character. But what do we do — who do we become — in the face of these stress tests?

The Montrose School Stress Tests of Character e-Resource ( provides parents and educators with tools and strategies for the classroom and the home to help children navigate stress tests and develop their own character. This resource captures the power of practicing good mentoring protocols; helping students build the habits of mind, heart, and character they need to navigate stress and to thrive; and presenting inspirational stories in science, math, history and every subject to show how great scientists, mathematicians, figures in history and life meet stress tests and emerge stronger from them.

The e-Resource was showcased in an international newsletter from the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues , the world’s leading ethics and character institute.

“How fitting that this external endorsement comes at a time when our Maverick team is navigating one of the biggest stress tests in our history — your grace and grit are inspirational to our girls and families,” Head of School Dr. Karen Bohlin wrote in an email to Montrose faculty and staff.

Montrose students benefit from the school’s leadership in utilizing the tools and strategies outlined in the e-Resource.

Rising Senior Maevis Fahey ‘21 said: “Experiencing quarantine as students wasn’t about constant self-preservation or a sense of indifference for the situation when it wasn’t directly impacting us. The great challenge of the coronavirus, the biggest stress test of character yet, was our great opportunity.”

Recent graduate Anna Bachiochi ‘20 added : “We’ve examined what happens when a person allows their instincts of fear to control their decision making. But what about the reverse? What happens when people choose to be selfless, creative, and loving even in the face of immense fear and uncertainty? Well, these people, through their everyday decisions to be courageous, become the heroes of this pandemic.”

The Stress Tests of Character curriculum was made possible with the generous support of a grant from the Kern Family Foundation and the Montrose partnership with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues .

Montrose is an independent school in Medfield for girls in grades 6-12, inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church.