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Franklin Schools Reopening Plan

 instruction on September 16th. The district has created a web page at  to answer questions regarding various aspects of school commencing in the fall. Part of that site includes the following discussion of how the district will keep residents apprised of the plans:

Regular District and School Communications: 

District and School Communications will be shared via Regroup (see details below) as well as posted to our Reopening Website. News and alerts can also be found on our FPS website homepage,, under the District News tab. We encourage community members and family members (such as grandparents or other caregivers) who do not receive Regroup messages to subscribe to District News e-mail alerts via this sign up form, .Individual school websites will be updated accordingly. 

E-mail Address for Opening Related Questions

General questions related to the opening of school may be forwarded to a collective mailbox. The mailbox will be monitored on a daily basis. Routine questions will be answered and incorporated into Frequently Asked Questions, found on the FPS Reopening Website. More specific questions will be routed to individuals for a response. 

Please forward general questions here: [email protected]

For more immediate assistance or for questions that involve unique family circumstances, families should contact the classroom teacher, guidance counselor, school nurse, administrator, or other FPS employee. Visit our district website at or visit individual school websites for directory information.

Emergency Communications

Our “Regroup” mass notification system will continue to be used to alert families of any emergency communications. Please be sure to update your emergency contact information with your child(ren)’s school secretary in order to receive notifications. In general, informative notifications will be issued via e-mail and subsequently posted to the district’s reopening school webpage. Emergency notifications are issued by e-mail, text messaging, and telephone calls. 

Social Media and Local News 

Franklin Public Schools may share information related to reopening via our social media accounts. These communication methods will be used to remind, reinforce and share but will not be used as the primary source of communication. Individual school social media accounts will be used in a similar manner. 




Information may also be shared through other media channels including Franklin TV & Radio, Franklin Matters, The Milford Daily News, Franklin Country Gazette, Franklin Localtownpages, and others. 

The Full reopening Proposal can be found on our website here