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Tri-County Student Designs Graphic for West Point Drums

Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School junior Lauren Asermely of Plainville has achieved what no one else has been able to for the past two years: she has successfully reproduced the crest for the United States Corps of Cadets Pipes and Drums at West Point. For the next ten years, her work will be featured on the drums of the United States Military Academy’s Pipes and Drums.
The original crest had been hand-painted onto drums used by West Point in the late 1980s. As time went on, the drums were replaced but the Academy had not reproduced the crest because of the cost involved. Gerry Boyce, father of Cadet Ian Boyce who is a drummer in the band, reached out to Major Jared Nichols with an idea of how to replicate the image. Ian had been a student at Tri-County before attending West Point and Boyce believed there was a good chance that a student at Tri-County would have the ability to replicate the crest.
Boyce presented the idea to Tri-County Graphic Communications Career Instructors Linda Thompson and Frances Williams back in December. Thompson and Williams offered the assignment to several students, and Asermely decided to take on the project.
The daughter of Vincent Asermely and Beth Watson, Lauren is a Graphic Communications major at Tri-County with a passion for graphic design. The Academy had sent over a drum set with their current crest which Graphic Communications students photographed and then merged the photo into a multi-image panorama in Adobe Photoshop. Asermely began the project by opening it in Adobe Illustrator, a graphic design software, and tracing the outline with a pen tool. She then filled it in with the specific colors and gradients that matched the original crest design. She designed it as a vector image graphic so that the image was scalable at any size without becoming pixilated. The process took her about two weeks in total. With guidance from Thompson and Williams, Asermely spent long days working on the design in the Graphic Communications classroom. When Asermely submitted the final product, Boyce was thrilled. A few weeks later, Asermely received an official letter from Major Nichols announcing that her work would be featured on their drums for the next ten years. Asermely’s design will be transferred to a decal and applied to the drums.