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Editor's Corner

What started out as a younger brother just wanting to be around his older brothers turned that little boy into a phenomenal soccer player some years later.
“When I was three or four years old, all I wanted to do was be around my older brothers (Tyler and Josh),” Tri Country’s Connor Strom said. “Playing soccer with them was my way of being able to hang out with them, despite their being 6 and 7 years older than I was.”

Latest Articles

Franklin Resident to Run the Extra Mile for the Cure

She’s a hospice worker, and so she works with lots of people losing the battle to diseases we can’t yet cure. That’s why Franklin resident and mother of two, Katherine Bogigian, will run her first Boston Marathon for Brigham and Women’s Life Giving Breakthroughs team come April 18.
Until then, she’s charged with raising $7,500 for the cause.

The Santa Foundation Finds the True Meaning of Christmas

Organization Expects to Help 900 Local Families this Year

After 29 years, the Santa Foundation has grown to serve exactly that many towns – 29. The Franklin based nonprofit organization, The Santa Foundation, founded by Bob Sullivan, and run with his partner, Richard Timmons and the help of about 15 part-time volunteers, isn’t just gifts for the holidays.

A Decade of Food Elves!

What started in 2006 with two kids, Melissa and Cameron Piana, gathering food for the Franklin Food Pantry from neighbors with their wagon has burgeoned into an annual operation that has, over the last nine years, brought in 10 tons and nearly $26K ($25,700) in donations. The Franklin Food Elves, which now number close to 100 civic-minded Franklin elementary, middle and high school students, partnered with 14 local businesses and collected three tons of donations and over $8,500 for the Franklin Food Pantry just last year. This will be the 10th year of collection.


The Medway Millis Local Town Pages Newspaper has been there for me, right from the very start. When I decided to open my store in Medway, I wanted to spread the word and I wanted to do it right. Medway Millis Newspaper helped me to do that, and I got great results. They ran a profile story on me and my business and hundreds of people came in to tell me just where they had read about it. When it was time to come up with new ideas for promotions, they were there. They are truly part of "my team" and have had played a major role in making these first few months a great success for me.