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Editor's Corner

On February 7, a cast of 35 middle schoolers from the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School, along with about 25 of their classmates working backstage, presented Disney’s Camp Rock, the Musical, under the direction of Ben Benjamin. Each year, the school’s sixth to eighth graders present a production, says Benjamin, who has been overseeing them for 17 years.
Camp Rock, he says, was “great for a middle school production. The plot involves a rivalry between “Camp Rock” a camp for aspiring young musicians, and its rivalry a new, flashier camp called “Camp Star.”

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Rob Saraf and Tri-County Wrestling – A Great Match

By Christopher Tremblay

Upon entering high school at Tri-Country Regional in Franklin, Plainville native Rob Saraf continued playing football and basketball during his freshman season. However, when it came time to take to the court his sophomore season, he just wasn’t feeling it and decided to forgo playing basketball, but he needed something to fill that void.

Franklin 6-Year-Old State

Finalist in National American Miss Pageant

Miss Ashley Rickey, age 6, has been chosen as a state finalist in the National American Miss Massachusetts Pageant, to be held July 25, 2015 at the beautiful Sheraton Springfield in Springfield, Mass. The National American Miss pageants are held for girls ages 4-18, and have five different age divisions. Ashley will be participating in the Princess age division, along with other outstanding young ladies from across the great state of Massachusetts.


The Medway Millis Local Town Pages Newspaper has been there for me, right from the very start. When I decided to open my store in Medway, I wanted to spread the word and I wanted to do it right. Medway Millis Newspaper helped me to do that, and I got great results. They ran a profile story on me and my business and hundreds of people came in to tell me just where they had read about it. When it was time to come up with new ideas for promotions, they were there. They are truly part of "my team" and have had played a major role in making these first few months a great success for me.